Financial Policy

Heart and Vascular Institute of Wisconsin firmly believes that a good physician/patient relationship is based upon clear communications. Please take a moment to review our financial policy prior to your office visit.

Questions about financial arrangements should be directed to our Billing Office at 877-943-2823


Our fees for professional and technical services are consistent, and often much lower, than those charged by local hospitals. If you have an insurance plan that requires you to pay for a portion of your care, we encourage you to call and compare our costs to others.   We will always be glad to discuss our fees with you.  In some instances, having your testing performed at the Heart and Vascular Institute of Wisconsin may be hundreds of dollars less expensive.

Billing and Collection

Heart and Vascular Institute of Wisconsin participates with numerous insurance companies. For patients that are members of these plans, we will submit an insurance claim for services rendered and send the patient periodic statements showing the balance on the account.

Payment at the time of service is expected as follows. If you are covered by:

  • Medicare and do not have a secondary insurance plan: you will be requested to pay 20% of the Medicare allowable and/or your deductible (when applicable).
  • A Managed Care plan: you will be requested to pay your co-payment for authorized services. You will also be asked to pay all or a portion of your unmet deductible (when applicable).
  • Commercial Insurance: you will be requested to pay some or all of your deductible.
  • Patients without any insurance will be billed a discounted rate.

If a patient feels that he or she may require financial assistance, a payment schedule can be established.

We accept US currency (cash), checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express, and money orders. Your timely payment will help us control the cost of health care.